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Name: Diefan
Aliases: Deef, Ashbag, Shitbag
Birthday: September 1997
Colour: Silver Tabby
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Humans, particularly the female sort.
Curling up with Gizmo.
Playing "Chase" with Morag.
Sleeping in the bath.
Sleeping in high or hidden places.
Dislikes: Being chased by Doom.
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Mug Shot


I was the 3rd of us to adopt Tim, back in October '98. Before that I was a little old lady's cat, and it was always just me and her ... so it has taken most of a year to get used to living with Doom and Gizmo. Doom and I are still wary of each other at times. Anyway, she left me, I'm not sure if she passed away or if she went into a nursing home, but I was taken off to the local rescue centre. Tim had been looking for a silver tabby cat for a while, so I adopted him and went home with him. Sally appeared a few months later, and reminded me so much more of my little old lady, that I immediately adopted her. I still keep Tim around though... Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly, he's just not quite as female as Sally!

We've all moved to Cambridge now, to live with Sally, and we're settling nicely in our new home. I've claimed Sally's artsy-craftsy room for my very own ... it has a raised section, so I curl up there in the sun so I can see and hear anyone climbing up there before they can surprise me if I'm napping.

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