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Aunt Muffy

1982 - 2000


Name: Mufkins
Aliases: Muffy, Murphy, Li'l Lady
Birthday: 15th April 1982
Died: 10th May 2000
Colour: Black and White
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Chasing sunlight reflected off a watch face.
Sleeping under the radiators.
Dislikes: Going outside, particularly if other cats are about.
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Mug Shot


Aunt Muffy was the first cat to adopt Sally, when Sally had just turned six, and Muffy was only a couple of months old. Muffy stayed with Sally's parents in West Wickham, in the South East of outer London, after Sally moved away to Cambridge. She was a frail little old lady cat by then, and quite ahppily entrenched in her own territory.

Muffy came from the PAWS animal sanctary in Bromley, where she and her mother and brother had been taken after they were found abandoned in a box by the side of a motorway. She was quiet and timid and terrified of humans who weren't her own humans, or Jackie, the human who used to feed her every year when Sally and her parents went away for a week or two. When Muffy was 1, she gave birth to two kittens, Spotty and Stripey. Both were homed in the area, and Spotty became known as Kitty, while Stripey was known as Tigger. Muffy was sad to outlive them both.

She lived a very long and happy life, with much love, fuss and attention going both ways between her and her humans. Her kidneys finally started to fail her, but she lasted long enough to see her human, Sally, safely married off and adopted by other cats. She was put to sleep peacefully while Sally and Tim were on honeymoon. She will be sorely missed.

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