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Our Humans

We've adopted two lost and straying human pets, called Tim (he's a boy human) and Sally (who's a little girl-human). They're lovely creatures, and we make sure we play with them at least once a day. They do this cute little "sleeping in a bed" thing (Gizmo has been researching it for us, but says he keeps nearly being sat on whenever he takes his nap under their duvet!) each night time (what a waste!) so we leave them there for a while and then bounce on them and talk loudly to them when we feel they've been in there quite long enough. They know their place - the first thing they do when they come downstairs again is serve us our food on a silver platter. It's just a pity they don't seem to understand our requests for more succulent meals ... Roast chicken being a big favourite, of course, but we won't say no to juicy steak, mouthwatering fresh salmon and tuna, or maybe even a bit of smoked ham.

So, have we told you about our new house, yet? Our humans think it's their's, of course (aren't they cute!). We spent a 3 month-long vacation in some holiday homes after moving to Cambridge with our human, Tim, before we moved in to the new property. It's much nicer than our old house ... it's got more rooms and interesting nooks and crannies to explore. We seem to be having a slight problem with our humans, though... they can't quite understand our requests for a catflap, or to be let outside. They put a catflap in, all right ... inside that is! I have to admit, though, it does manage to serve some purpose ... we can go through to our dining room to eat undisturbed. Still, we're getting the message through slowly.. Diefan has managed to get out 4 times now, and each time he's managed to get further out into our territory before Tim brought him home to play again.

Not long after we moved in, we adopted another Human, this one called Nicolai. He appeared on our doorstep about a week after we arrived, so we took pity on him and let him stay with us... after all another pet to play with and be scritched by is never a bad thing! He's got this really great cupboard too... you can curl up for a lovely toasty-warm nap in the bottom, on top of the hot water pipes, and hidden from the world by a box ... perfect for catching up on those catnaps!

Well, anyway, this has been quite enough typing for one cat - I'm more than overdue my nap now! I'm off to curl up ... hmm ... in my radiator-hammock, I think *purrrrrr*.