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Name: Gizmo
Aliases: Gizz, Fizzbo, Shitbag
The Chesterton Pigeon Murderer
Birthday: June 1997
Colour: Black and White Longhair
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Headbutting Humans.
Playfighting with Doom ("Play" is optional..).
Curling up with Diefan.
Sleeping in the nooks and crannies of Nicolai's bedroom.
Hiding under the duvet on his Human's bed.
Dislikes: Being picked up.
[Mug Shot]
Mug Shot


When I was just a tiny kitten, me and the rest of my litter were bundled into an old sack, and abandoned in the middle of a wasteground. I don't remember much before that, but I really really don't like bags these days (but boxes are cool!). Fortunately for us, we were found by a very nice human who took us to the RSPCA rescue centre. Tim and his girlfriend came in one day, and opened our cage. I liked the look of these humans, so I ran out of the cage and headbutted Tim in the shins, to show him I had chosen him as my human.

He took me home with him, and introduced me to Doom. We eventually got on really well.. Doom likes to think he's top cat in our house, but whenever we playfight I show him who's boss. It's good exercise, even if occasionally we get a bit carried away, at which point Tim or Sally usually throws a cushion in our direction to break us up!

When Diefan came home, Doom didn't take to him at all well, but I grew used to him much quicker, and these days we're good pals. He's particularly warm and comfy to snuggle up with when we have a nap. Even so, when he and Doom are facing off, if I need to get past, I leg it out of there!!

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