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Chez Bpfh Cousins

Apart from Aunt Muffy, our other adopted family are our cousins at Chez Bpfh. They're Sophie, the boss, who's like a mini-Doom, Perdy, and Pudds. They also live with a dog called Lucky Doodle, and their pet humans, Simes and E-J.

They all have their own homepages, at

Cambridge Cohorts

We may be the top cats in our neighbourhood but we do extend a paw of friendship to others nearby in special circumstances. Apart from our cousins, we're friends with our humans' friends' owners.

[Brian]Brian lives with Jenny and Jennifer, and is just on the edge of our turf.

[Phin]Phin, short for Phineas, has a funny pet called Tom, who has a lemur fixation, and they live on the wrong side of town to visit. He's a poetic chap, too (Phin that is..)

Furreign Friends

We also wanted to mention our favourite furry friends overseas. Now, you'll note that word contains "sea". Yes, that's right, there's lots and lots and lots and lots of water between them and us. Sadly, this means we probably won't ever get to meet each other in the fur, but our humans have shown us lots of photos and told us lots of stories.

[Griffon] [Bug] [Tadrith] Yfandes's cats are geeky, and have their own websites. There's one for Griffon and Bug, and another one for Tadrith. When she was still living at home, she had more kitties, but the others all stayed with her parents.

As other furry friends of ours from furreign parts get homepages, we'll mention them too!