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International Cat of Mystery


Name: Morag
Aliases: Mograt, Ratmog, Shitbag
Birthday: June 1998
Died: 23rd June 2001
Colour: White with black and ginger blotches
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Sitting in high places (Human shoulders are good).
Running helter skelter around the house, playing with Diefan.
Terrorizing the boys enough to keep them on their toes.
Sleeping on the humans' beds.
Sitting in the kitchen sink.
Dislikes: Anyone touching her tail
[Mug Shot]
Mug Shot


I adopted Tim and Sally in the middle of December, 1999, when they had been living in their new house for a month. Before that, I had adopted some humans who lived out in the country when I was just 6 months old. I was a stray before then. Unfortunately, they were moving, and couldn't take me with them, so they took me to Wood Green Animal Shelter at Godanchester. We had a huge run with lots of colourfully painted kennels to play in, and I made several friends who were also in there .. some new, some had been there a long time. Anyway, Tim and Sally came to look around on the Monday, so I galloped down to be the first in our run to greet them, and climbed straight up onto Sally's shoulders to get to a good height to talk to them. They wanted to take me home then and there, but when we all reached the queue for final checkups at the surgery, the carers told me I had to go back and wait 3 days... apparently I had to be spayed first! *eep*

Well, The operation went smoothly and I came home on the Thursday (which is actually today). I'm not too sure about the boys yet.. they keep getting too close to me before I'm ready to meet them, particularly Diefan. I reckon they'll be a pushover, though.. I'll soon have them doing my bidding! Mreow!

Sadly, Morag was killed outright in a road accident on Saturday 23rd June. We miss you, darling, you'll always be in our hearts.

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