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Name: Tyler
Aliases: "OY! CATS!"
Birthday: September 1998
Colour: Blue (Silver)
Brown in sunlight, with lemur-rings on his tail.
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Eating. Anything. Even if it's "supposed" to be inedible.
Snuggling the Humans.
Trying to beat up everyone else.
Playing tag with Morag.
Making everyone aware of my current feelings. Loudly. All the time.
Dislikes: Not being fed permenantly.
Not getting snuggled enough.
[Mug Shot]
Mug Shot


I strayed from my humans, and was picked up near Alconbury (I thought I would visit the RAF base there) and taken to the Wood Green Animal Shelter at Godmanchester. As soon as I came in, a member of the staff called E-J came in, bounced, and popped off again. Apparently she phoned her friends Sally and Tim, and told them they had to come and see me. I felt so popular! They came in, scritched me lots and reserved me. I had an operation, and then I went home with them.How exciting!

A few days before Sally and Tim did some fancy dressing up (a "wedding" I think it was called) I went for walkies and, um, well .. I got a little lost. I was following this really hot babe, and, well, I wasn't really watching where I was going. So, anyway, I followed her home.. she lived with 4 brothers and sisters and a whole bunch of others ... talk about loud in there. There were some birds, tantalisingly close, yet behind a solid grill... and a Dog. Only this was the softest daftest most easily controllable thing you've ever seen. Upstairs there was a 4 poster bed and these 5 curled up there together of an afternoon ... very cosy. I got kicked out the next morning, but they didn't realise I still wasn't sure of my way home, so I yelled a bit until they fed me again. Oh, shucks! Anyway, a few days later, Sally and Tim came round looking for me, so I had to go home. Morag had been missing me, though, so we chased each other round the house and play fought and everything was fine again :)

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