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Name: Doom
Aliases: Mr Doom, Doomie, Shitbag
Birthday: February 1996
Colour: Black
Likes: Freshly cooked Chicken.
Stealing food from Humans.
Playfighting with Gizmo ("Play" is optional..).
Staring and growling at Diefan.
Sleeping in his radiator-hammock.
Dislikes: Exercise (except where involved in one of the above activities).
[Mug Shot]
Mug Shot


Before I adopted Tim as my human, I was a Christmas Present! While I was still a tiny fluffball of black fuzz, I was given to a little boy-human one Christmas. He decided to name me after one of his other presents... a computer game. Well, I was a little terror, I have to admit it. I used to climb walls and curtains and furniture and shred anything I could get my little kitten-claws into! Unfortunately they couldn't cope with me there, so they took me to the RSPCA and asked them to find me another human to adopt.

Tim told me later that he had never had a pet before, so I'm his very special little boy *smug grin*. His girlfriend had been to the RSPCA to get a cat, and I made sure she took me home. I used to play a lot with her - she was my primary human, but I tolerated Tim too. But then one day, while I was out hunting, I was a bit too careless and was hit by a really fast loud thing... I think I've heard them called "cars". Well, I was in great pain, but I had to find my humans.. how would they cope without me if I went off to die?! I dragged myself back into the house, somehow, and crawled into Daddy's special chair. If he ever caught me in it when he wanted to sit down, he'd throw me off, so I knew he'd find me just as soon as he came home that evening.

Well, he found me and took me to the vets. Apparently it was a bit touch-and-go for a while, but they fixed me up and put pins in my leg to hold me together. Tim built me a big wooden rabbit cage to help me resist my occasional urge to run and jump and climb, which would have hurt lots. He's always been my very extra-special human since then, and I make sure I show him how much I love him every day (at about 7 in the evening, if he's home by then), by giving him a good snuggle.

It has to be said, I do tart somewhat (I think I get it from Tim), so when we have guests I usually throw myself at their feet and let them scritch my tummy. It's nice being home from the holiday camp we stayed at for 3 months after we moved to Cambridge, I must say .. all these new people to scritch me and play with! We've all settled into the new home, now, although Tim and Sally do keep rearranging things. They call it "unpacking" apparently. Just as long as they let me sleep undisturbed in my hammock .....

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